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Welcome to our test and development site.

You are probably here because you are a friend I have inveigled into providing feedback. If you've arrived via social media - nice to meet you! To both groups - THANK YOU.

Please read this blog before exploring the site further for information on the purpose of the test site, how to provide feedback ... and disclaimers - I know there are typos....

Custom Menu Plan - 1

A five day menu plan based on a need for healthy and interesting meals made without access to a lot of pantry staples and minimal wasted food.

A mix of healthy options to get the year on track and a couple of decadent recipes to indulge with - Nachos for one anyone?!

This = That

Shredded chicken with tumeric, ginger & tomato.  Jumping on the tumeric band-wagon, this is a super easy meal to batch cook for week night dinners or the freezer. I served with spinach and quinoa for bulk & extra greens.

Weekly Shopping

Lots of good intentions here!  A mix of good foods for breakfast and lunch and chicken, tumeric and ginger to do some batch cooking with.  Asparagus was on special, peaches not quite in season but looked divine - and of course I couldn't go past the corn on the cob. Fingers crossed meal planning works and it all gets eaten.

Kitchen insider | Meet Kelly

This week meet Kelly. Kelly is a Sydney-sider who regularly cooks for one. Kelly loves entertaining, but for week night meals focuses on packing as many serves of vegetables into a meal as possible and creating as little washing up as possible.

Snapshot of meals week starting 21 March 2016

Easter week - and what a week.  It started off well with an inventive save to finally use up the remainder of the cauliflower, that resulted in cooking dahl for the first time. Delicious. But rapidly went down hill and dissolved into Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns. It was saved by the fact that I cooked my favourite 'batch meal', 'Gwynneth Chicken' - so delicious I ate it for the rest of the week. Repetitively eating the same thing was outweighed by the fact that it tasted great - AND I didn't have to cook....