Kitchen insider | Meet Kelly

This week meet Kelly. Kelly is a Sydney-sider who regularly cooks for one. Kelly loves entertaining, but for week night meals focuses on packing as many serves of vegetables into a meal as possible and creating as little washing up as possible.

Snapshot of meals week starting 21 March 2016

Easter week - and what a week.  It started off well with an inventive save to finally use up the remainder of the cauliflower, that resulted in cooking dahl for the first time. Delicious. But rapidly went down hill and dissolved into Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns. It was saved by the fact that I cooked my favourite 'batch meal', 'Gwynneth Chicken' - so delicious I ate it for the rest of the week. Repetitively eating the same thing was outweighed by the fact that it tasted great - AND I didn't have to cook....

Menu Plan - Week starting 13 March 2016

This is one of those weeks when there just doesn't seem to be enough time to eat and cook all the flavours and meals I would love to eat!

Despite being at the start of Autumn it is still incredibly hot, so I have tailored my menu plan around light, summery food and trying to eat more seafood and try different flavours and cooking methods - all whilst creating an economical, healthy, simple meal plan.