Pasta with Fillet Steak

So my week of poor eating and no preparation continued - and yet again, I was standing in front of the supermarket's frozen food aisle on the way home from work. 

I realised however  I wanted more vegetables, more freshness and more 'luxury' than anything on offer - so I racked my brain for what I could race into the supermarket, buy quickly and cook equally as quickly.  I had inadvertently missed breakfast and lunch, so I was famished and needed to eat asap.

I also had a craving for splurge in the form of fillet steak but couldn't be bothered cooking and steaming vegetables to go with it - but still wanted vegetables - definitely operating in HANGRY mode!

Luckily the answer came in the form of remembering a great pasta dish with blue cheese and steak a friend once cooked. At the time I thought it was a slightly strange combination. But it's surprisingly good - and ticked all boxes tonight.

So this is another meal that isn't really  a 'recipe' as such, but an idea for coming up with a simple meal that meets your taste requirements - and in my case is easy to add extra greens and vegetables to.

Haul from the supermarket: steak, pasta, mushrooms, red onion, spinach and blue cheese. Frozen peas from freezer at home.

In the end I left out the blue cheese and used up leftover cream in the fridge. I wasn't quite sure how the avocado / blue cheese combo would work and by the time I arrived home I realised - it wouldn't!


  • Pasta on
    • Egg Pappadelle that only takes 8 minutes
    • I threw in the frozen peas at the 4 minute mark
  • Onions sauted, then mushrooms, then steak - and yes I did over-estimate how much I could eat and how big the frypan was!
Getting in the greens after a week of poor eating

Getting in the greens after a week of poor eating

Unfortunately as usual I thought of an ingredient half way through cooking that I hadn't included in the shot of ingredients! Definitely a frustration for an aspiring food blogger.

Copy of ELEVATE (1).jpg

Put it all together

The beauty of this dish is that the hardest thing is chopping the onion, mushrooms and steak, then cooking them.

The rest is about combining the ingredients together. Sooooo quick!

  • Add spinach to a bowl, then add the hot ingredients on top so the spinach wilts and combines with the pasta
  • The cream is not essential - it added a sense of indulgence and luxury - but the dish works without it, and definitely not something I would normally add.
  • Blue cheese is an option to add. Also if you wanted more greens, asparagus would be good, or red capsicum would work well.

PS: Spiral pasta works much better than Papardelle with this dish.