This weeks' meals - week starting 7 September 2015

Week starting 7th September 2015

Eeek - so very hard to post this week's photos - icecream and wine for dinner.... 

Thank goodness for this blog is all I can say, it meant that nutritionally sound dinner was confined to just one night. 

This week I also got the chance to try out a few more recipes from the Anneka Manning cook book. Well when I say a few - I combined two recipes into one, when I made a slow cooked lamb shoulder for a friend who came to dinner on Monday. I mis-calculated though, I thought one lamb shoulder would provide enough lamb for dinner for two and 2 - 3 more meals.  Unfortunately it really only seemed to be enough for Monday's meal with just enough for leftovers on Wednesday. 


Monday | Delicous slow cooked lamb shoulder with vegetables when my friend Tammy, who was visiting from Koh Samui came to dinner.  Sort of a did a combination of two recipes from the Anneka Manning cookbook, combining the Roman Lamb stew with the slow cooked lamb recipe. In retrospect, I probably should have stuck to one recipe!

Tuesday | Yep willpower, discipline etc etc has all gone south this week. What can I say - the danger of cooking for one - no one to tell you that wine and icecream isn't really anyone's idea of a reasonable dinner!

Wednesday | Today I managed to convince myself to actually do something with the leftover slow cooked lamb. However I was still in major 'comfort food' mode, so added rice (my go-to comfort food for savoury meals) and boosted it up with extra broccoli and greens.

Thursday | Thursday's meal was tough - I had drinks with friend and didn't arrive home until 8. So after filling up with my favourite cheese and wine, cooking dinner was the last thing on my mind. However, I was keen for a 'proper' meal (I've never been good with the wine and cheese as dinner option - ice cream and wine - but not cheese and wine!) - so was really keen to find the most nutritional and filling outcome for the least effort.  This meant reinventing the Chicken and corn soup from last week and boosting it up with broccoli and spinach.

Friday | Friday was another tough day of not feeling like anything that was in the fridge, not wanting to go to the shops, and kind of having to eat the sausages I had defrosted the day before!  I really wanted a wintry meal of sausages with mash and gravy. But alas - no potatoes and nothing to make gravy with!  I was actually really pleased with my imagination though and came up with a meal I really liked that used minimal effort.

The answer of course was roasting!  I roasted the carrots in order to make a 'mash', roasted the sausages and also rescued the lone tomato leftover from Monday's lamb (why I didn't use ihave noooo idea!) and roasted that along with a couple of cloves of garlic so I could smash the tomato and garlic together into some sort of sauce. 

Saturday | I will definitely be writing up Saturday's 'Sausage, vegetable and rice gratin' as a recipe. It was the unexpected highlight of my week - totally delicious.  It basically came about from trying to make Friday's leftovers a bit more appealing and also appease my craving for carbs. It was a bit of effort, but not an insane amount - and the 'ROE' - return on effort was huge.

Sunday | Blogging fail! Completely forgot to write down or photograph what I cooked - though have a funny feeling it might have been an egg on toast - hopefully not more icecream!