Dinner's last week - Week starting 18 January 2016

What a week! The 5 things you will see from looking at my meals from this week are:

  • I really have no will power! The Broccoli soup plan– lasted one day!
  • Laziness outweighs boredom -   can eat the same thing 3 days in a row and not get bored
  • Access to home cooked meals in the freezer, that can can defrost quickly is heaven
  • My love affair with red cabbage continues
  • I definitely need to get more variety into my diet next week

My favourite meal of the week was Friday - mainly because it looked so pretty! The combination of the yellow corn, purple cabbage & green kale, made a very healthy meal look incredibly inviting.


Broccoli Soup

One Pan | 2 serves vegetables | 10 minutes

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup


So far so good on Monday, Broccoli soup. Tasted delicious and felt good and on track! (Oh and to be completely transparent - I defrosted it from the freezer!)


From the Freezer | Pulled pork with wilted red cabbage & avocado on rice

1 Pan | 2 serves vegetables | 15 minutes


This is the day it all started to off piste! I forgot I committed to doing a 7km Stand up paddle ‘downwinder’ and would need something more sustaining thanbroccoli soup to get me through it!  (I say ‘7km downwinder’ so nonchalantly – whereas in actual fact it was the most exercise I had done in at least 12 months and I was slightly terrified as the prospect.)

But back to food …

As I hadn't planned or shopped for anything more substantial than Broccoli Soup, I resorted to the freezer - taking one of the packets of pulled pork with home made BBQ sauce that was leftover from my birthdayand a packet of rice I had frozen. (Will write a future post on how to freeze food so it is very quick to defrost.)

I still had a seemly endless supply of red cabbage (also left over from entertaining for my birthday), so I chopped it up, wilted it in the frypan and included it with the rice and pork. I added Avocado for a bit of green - absolutely delicious result.


Chicken with white wine, porcini mushrooms & walnuts on quinoa

Chicken with white wine, porcini mushrooms & walnuts on quinoa

A Desperado Dinner | Chicken with white wine, porcini mushrooms & walnuts on quinoa

2 pans | 1/2 serve vegetables | 25 minutes

So Wednesday I decided I was STARVING (I never seem to be simply hungry! I’m either ambivalent or ABSOLUTELY STARVING!) Another night when Broccoli Soup wasnt' going to cut it!

So back to stalking about the kitchen - opening and re-opening the fridge and the cupboard wanting a miracle meal to appear! Given the Broccoli soup plan, I still hadn’t shopped and cupboards and fridge were pretty bare.  There were chicken thighs that had to be eaten, frozen or thrown - butI couldn’t thin of how to turn them into a meal.

In the end I ended up creating a dish I absolutely loved – but it took all my imagination to think of it. Plus there were NO GREENS – which if you know me, I consider that a crime! (Aside from the nutritional aspect, it means the photos don’t do any justice to what was a really delicious meal.)

The full blog and step-by-step description can be found here.

What I was confronted with - a messy sink, empty freezer, bare fridge, bare pantry!

What I came up with


Freezer Meal | Pulled pork, red cabbage & avocado

10 mins | 2 serves of vegetables

Back to pulling out a packet of pulled pork from the freezer!  This time, I managed to leave the rice alone.  The pictures show how I use sandwich bags and freeze food so it is very flat - making it super fast to defrost.


Freezer Meal | Pulled pork with corn, kale, red cabbage on quinoa

1 pan | 15 mins | 3 serves vegetables

So I told you a.) I am trying to keep this blog completely real, no matter how embarrassing and b.) I can eat the same thing multiple times in a week.

So yep – it was back to the freezer for the last remaining packet of pulled pork!

By now though, I was beginning to get a bit guilty about the lack of greens and variation in my diet.  I had a massive bunch of kale in the fridge, which in my mind I had been ‘reserving’ for green smoothies – but decided could be used as a ‘green’ for tonight's meal. I had also bought a corn on the cob at the farmers’ markets in Double Bay on Thursday and STILL had red cabbage to get through.  I thought the red of the cabbage, green of the kale and yellow of the corn would look great – and it did. This was a fantastic meal – probably my favourite of the week. Very nutritious = 3 serves of vegetables and easy. All possible to re-heat and cook in the one pan.


Dinner Fail | Cheese!

0 pans | 0 mins | no vegetables

OUCH – soooo hard to remind myself to be truthful here. But yes the missing chunk of cheese in the picture below is what counted for my ‘dinner’ on Saturday night! 

I met a friend for drinks at a new bar– Mestill – and some how a ‘quick glass of wine’ turned into a Martini!!! and getting home at 7 – whereby I bumped into a neighbour, which led to anotherglass of wine – the result being the picture above! This is a good note lesson about the value of having either something to defrost in the freezer, or at least some frozen peas, canned tomatoes and pasta that can be turned into a meal. 


Dinner Fail | Cheese!

0 pans | 0 mins | no vegetables

So it’s OUCH again – faffing about untillate, getting distracted by this blog – meant that all good intentions went out the door – and this was dinner…..

Definitely time for some batch cooking.

Ihad avoided doing this, as I wanted this blog to be about real meals, and as you know I think there anmanhy options for sites about batch cooking. However, for me, a very non-routine person, I don't always cook dinner and eat at the same time, it really depends how the day plays out. e.g Tonight the weather looked great, so I went for a paddle at 6.30pm.  It was amazing. But meant then got distracted with a neighbours new kitten, so it was again, walking in the door at 8 and thinking about dinner. Hence the leftover Bagel and cream cheese. But it would have been prefereable to pull something helthy and simple from the freezer.

So I’m going to change my approach and post two menu plans each week. One, for those who like to have a new meal each eveing, and another, which shows realistically what I think I will end up cooking. Hopefully one of them will work for you.