Menu Plan - Week Starting 25 January 2016

Once again I am really struggling with this week’s menu plan – though for totally opposite reasons to last week! 

Whereas last week I was totally uninspired, a week of re-grouping, exercising, eating relatively well and just feeling a bit more grounded, means that this week I am brimming with enthusiasm, and this week’s struggle is that there is way too much I am inspired by, too many things I want to eat and I have no idea how to fit them all into a week!

I did this menu plan before going to the library (I know, such a nerd!) and also reading the Sunday paper, which delivered even more inspiration.

I am also conscious that last week’s plan was very ‘recipe’ heavy and, certainly for me, not the type of menu I could get through on a regular working week, so this one is a bit simpler.

Monday – Salmon with steamed vegetables.

Not much to say about this, you will have seen it on the menu plan a 100 times - but it's a simple, healthy way to start the week that doesn't require a lot of thinking or effort.

Depending on how much time you want to spend in the kitchen today, I would also prep the vegetables for Tuesday and for Thursday's minestrone and keep them in a ziplock bag or airtight plastic container.

Tuesday - Steamed chicken with ginger and shallots

This is from a recipe I tore out of the paper years ago, but have only ever cooked once. It’s super ‘clean’, healthy and nutritious.

Wednesday - Salmon, quinoa, kale, walnuts, frozen peas, avocado & shaved beetroot.

This is not a recipe so much, as a ‘throw-together meal’ – e.g. an easy meal to create that is nutritious, filling and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Thursday - Italian, summer Ministrone soup

I will be modifying this recipe from Silvia Colloca featured in The Sunday Telegraph's Sunday Style magazine and can be found here on the Delicious site.

Friday - Sausages with sweet potato mash and tomato salsa

Easy, filling comfort food to end the week.

Saturday - Salmon patties with steamed vegetables

I figure if you are going to be home Saturday night and cooking for one, make it delicious and healthy.

Sunday - Steak with walnut romesco and roasted vegetables

I know, I know – this was on last week’s menu plan!  But it's a great recipe and this week I like the idea of having a steak to end / start the week, and the warm salad makes it a little different.

No. of serves of vegetables for the week: 28 serves

Leftover ingredients for next week's menu plan: 1/2 can tomatoes

This week's menu plan was based on:

In season

avocado, beans, cabbages, capsicums, carrots, celery, cucumber, eggplants, garlic, kohlrabi, lettuces, okra, onions, peas, potatoes, radishes, spring onion, squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, zucchini. Source:;


At the library I found Jamie Oliver’s new Superfood cookbook and the original book put out by Ella Woodward rom Deliciously Ella. Both have soooooo many great recipes.

So tons to think of for next week. Though I have also been looking at Goop’s detox recipes for next week. There need to be more days in the week to fit in all these great meals!

On special

Red capsicum

What I'm craving

Healthy, but substantial comfort food. As usual though I start the week with something pretty healthy and simple such as steamed salmon and vegetables. I also have such a thing for red capsicum and romesco sauce at the moment and knew I would be craving steak this week, last week's steak with walnut romesco is making a return - though this time with a warm roast vegetable salad.

Menu notes and tips and hacks for preparing ahead and cutting down time in the kitchen

Quite a few things can be done to make this a really easy week:

Monday: Cook extra so it's ready for Wednesday's meal.  I would probably cook the quinoa whilst I was in the kitchen.

Saturday: Prepare extra vegetables for Sunday's warm salad with roast vegetables.  I would also be preparing extra roast vegetables for use in a meal on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Request Recipes, Shopping Lists and Menu Plan on a Page

Use the comments section below to ask for any of the recipes, the weekly shopping list or a PDF copy of the Menu Plan below.

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