Dinner's last week - Week starting 25 January 2016

What can I say about this week - other than it's still January - therefore it's okay I'm not eating real meals - well that's my excuse!

It was a bit of a unruly week on the food front, there was Australia Day, friends for dinner and the finals of the Australian Open when I couldn't drag myself away from the game to cook.

Weekly Stats

  • Total number of serves of vegetables
  • % of desired intake
  • Number of different types of fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains eaten

Some thoughts about my meals last this week:

  • I needed more colour in my diet after all the red / tomato-based meals last week.
  • Having leftover 'dinner party' ingredients that include cream, pavlova and raspberry semi-freddo are VERY dangerous, no chance of ditching those extra Christmas kgs this week!
  • Cranberries can revolutionise any meal and are so pretty. Why did I not know about them before this year!  They look particularly good when paired with anything green.
  • Avocado can be used as substitute for dressing.  It provides the 'creamy' factor, without the hassle or calories of dressing. (Note to self: find out how many calories in avocado vs dressing!)


Colourful warm salad with pulled chicken

One Pan | 2 serves vegetables |

Yet another photo I can barely bring myself to put up. Yes they are vases still sitting there waiting to be cleaned.  This is what puts me off about cooking for one - there is no one else to do any of the tasks! e.g. no one to say to 'If you clean up the kitchen, I'll cook.'  It's also why I'm really trying to make it a habit (awful to admit it isn't already) to properly clean up the sink every night. It is such a deterrent to eating well to have to clean up first. Too easy to decide that is too much hard work and just not bother, go out, or get takeway.  So, this is why I am doing this, to help others determine the impediments to cooking healthy or good meals. I recently came across a book about habits at the library, so I am hoping that will help.  It is THE best book I have ever read on the subject.  Mainly because it doesn't start with 'Make sure you tick off the most important things early' - but rather provides tools to examine the type of person you are regarding forming habits, and then tailoring how to create new habits, based on what you will be most likely to respond to.

Ingredients: Chicken breast, Kale, Corn, Quinoa, Walnuts

Not a particularly exciting meal, but easy and healthy - and not RED! After the last few weeks I am a bit over tomato-based meals. Although everything tasted good, it all looked the same and was getting a bit tedious.

The most exciting part was discovering part way through preparation that I had dried cranberries in the cupboard. All of a sudden I was waaaay more excited about the meal. The colour and sweetness just seemed to give everything a lift.

Dinner always seems more exciting when the ingredients look attractive and inviting

Tuesday (Australia day)

Aperol spritz!

What can I say - I did not seeing this coming...  somehow not eating dinner and drinking quite a lot ....


Lush Comfort Food | 'Vans'-style pasta with chicken, proscuitto, peas and mushrooms.

 2 serves vegetables

Well I definitely felt very fragile today and was looking for a comfort meal. Unfortunately there was actually no food in my apartment, so it necessitated going to the supermarket first.  I was really craving the 'Vans' Pasta, that my sister and I have been on a mission to recreate. But really this was not the day to do it! It's not difficult, but does involve quite a few steps. Normally something I can do with ease - but in my fragile state I got all the steps out of order, so took way longer and took waaaay more dishes than I intended!  However, please don't let that put you off trying this meal. It really is yummy and quite an easy pasta dish to make - if you are concentrating a bit!





Friends for dinner | glam dinner party food

Prawn fritters with lime aioli | Eye fillet of beef with parmesan cream sauce, served with red cabbage salad, baby potatoes and steamed green beans | Mini meringues with peach, raspberry & blueberries | Raspberry semi-freddo

Yep - you read correctly, TWO desserts!  Unfortunately we only ate one - which meant there was an entire raspberry semifreddo for leftovers.

I wanted to do a very special celebratory meal for two very good friends of mine.  Very dangerous as it meant I was left with a fridge full of decadent leftovers, eg. cream, semifreddo, homemade lime aioli ....

The funniest (I can laugh now) part about the meal is that I decided to make canapes and try a recipe I had been wanting to make for a while. Unfortunately I didn't realise that a.) 'a while' was TWELVE YEARS and b.) the recipe said 'continued' - yet I had only kept hold of one page!!


Luxe Leftovers

This is a recreation of Thursday's meal that I managed to stretch out to two leftover meals. I know a lot of people hate eating leftovers, but when they include some of your favourite foods, I don't mind at all.


Glam leftovers take 2!

I couldn't resist the opportunity to eat this meal again. Incredibly tender beef and a great salad. This red cabbage salad was my 'find' of the summer. Inspired bya recipe my neighbour gave me, each time I make it I get asked for the recipe. I


Dinner Fail | too busy watching the Australian Open!

0 pans | 0 mins | no vegetables


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