Dinner's last week - week starting 15th February 2016

Well what is there to say about this week - other than more red cabbage! And a two day falling off the bandwagon of Feb Fast and two nights of takeaway!!

This was a pretty non week - 'functional food' and trying to use up the can of salmon in the cupboard. 19th Feb is a pretty significant/ sad date for me, so Feb Fast really went out the window and enjoyed take away, wine and sitting by the water with a good friend.

I was also beginning to feel a bit slack about not testing out common recipes and adapting them for one person. For some reason (talk about self sabotage) there was still cream in the fridge -  so I thought I would try making potato dauphinois for one (It's waaaaay too dangerous to make a larger quantity!) - AND it worked! Check out the description below.

Weekly Stats

  • Total number of serves of vegetables - 14
  • % of desired intake - 40% (14 / 35)
  • Number of different types of fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains eaten - 12

Some thoughts about my meals last this week:

  •  I wish there was someone else to cook - someone who was prepared to put in the effort to crumb the salmon patties!
  • I really don't like the brand of pasta I bought - and it was a cop out to go for Pasta on Sunday.
  • Potato dauphinoise for one rocks! And is totally worth the effort.
  • Favourite meal of the week was a toss up between Tuesday's warm salad - it was soooo pretty and had such great taste, flavours and texture and Saturday - which was rich, decadent and divine!

Food Audit - What i started off with at the beginning of the week

So the main things that drove my meal planning for this week were:

  • Not wasting the roast chicken given I bought the larger size in order to 'economise'
  • Eating healthily and trying to get Feb Fast on track.


Salmon patties served with red cabbage, peas and asparagus

One Pans | 4 serves vegetables | 30 - 45 minutes

WOW - this is one of those meals I wish I had never started. I was trying to be good - use up some leftover cooked carrots, a odd sized piece of sweet potato that was in danger of not being eaten.  It did taste okay - BUT- patties are something that really do benefit from planning ahead so that they have time to sit in the fridge and 'set' before crumbing or cooking - and b.) they do taste better cumbed and c.) are MUCH simpler to cook in a non-stick pan - which unfortunately I only remembered AFTER I had started cooking them in stainless steel frying pan.

Patties like this are a good way of using up leftover cooked vegetables but they really do benefit from time sitting in the fridge before cooking, so they are not always a fast meal.



Warm salad of shredded roast chicken, proscuitto, red cabbage and greens topped with Avocado and Cranberries.

One Pan| 3 serves vegetables | 15 minutes

Yum! This was definitely one of my favourite meals of the week. I was using up leftover chicken from the whole chicken I bought a couple of days ago.  I didn't particularly feel like chicken, but didn't want to waste the chicken as it would destroy the whole 'money saving' reason of having bought the whole chicken vs half! BUT was worried I had already kept it too long, and certainly didn't want to leave it in the fridge another day.

However by adding a few favourite ingredients this ended up being one of my favourite meals.



Salmon patties Take II, served with sauted brussel sprouts and peas

One / Two pans | 3 serves vegetables | 15 minutes (assuming patties already made)

Well this was a much more pleasant 'salmon pattie' experience!

The patties had been sitting in the fridge for a day, so were 'set' and easy to handle and I remembered to use a non-stick fry pan so they were easy to cook.

To me these represent a nutritous, comfort food meal.


Dinner with friends


Dinner with friends


Eye fillet served with rich mushroom sauce, potatoes daupinois and steamed vegetables

Three pans| 2 serves vegetables | 30 - 40 minutes

After two nights of take away I was craving something substantial and filling. It was also a Saturday and I was still feeling in the comfort food zone- AND I still had cream in the fridge. So I turned to do what I do best, channeling my inner-80s style food-goddess and turned to some of my favourite ingredients - Marsala (is there anything more 70s / early 80s than Marsala and Coke?  Even my brain can barely comprehend that this was considered okay to dink!  I'm never trying it, as I am sure I would probably find I love it!!

Anyway, I was in the mood for decadent comfort food, had some time on my hands and was keen so cooked a delicious piece of eye fillet, made my favourite, insanely rich marsarla sauce and potatoes dauphinois.  (And promised myself a week of eating greens and exercising!)

Upshot was, it was one of my favourite meals.

Making Potato Dauphinois for One

Potato Dauphion for one - does a Saturday night get any better!!!

Making mushroom sauce while keeping the steak and potatoes dauphinois warm

Ta Da!


Pasta with tomato sauce

What a contrast to last week when 'dinner' consisted of one of Andy Bowdy's AMAZING cakes.  Tonight's meal was all about 'can't be bothered, there's not food in the fridge, I'm completely uninspired!'

I did however remember I had some parmesan cheese - technically a no no during Feb Fast - but the only thing that was going to inspire me to cook, so figured it was worth it.....

So tonight, I do whatI always do when I can't be bothered, but want to eat something home cooked - I do my version of Jamie Oliver's pasta with tomato sauce recipe that I saw him demo at an event more than 15 years ago!  I have a few variations of this, depending on what's in the cupboard and how lazing / inspired i am. Tonight's version was a pretty easy version - tinned tomatoes, garlic and onion - and voila - dinner! Jamie's version included basil that gave it that much needed boost of green.

I added parmesan - which for me turned the meal from average to decadent.

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