Snapshot - Meals week starting 28 March 2016

A quick snapshot of last week's meals.  It will be a followed by a detailed description and step by step pictures for many of the meals.

In the meantime, use the comments section if you have questions about any of the meals, or want to get hold of a recipe.

The stats

No. serves vegetables - 30 | % of no. of serves recommended weekly 67% | No. different types of vegetables - 15

About this week

This week I made a lot of effort to continue trying new recipes.  It was actually quite amazing as I took the warm salads I make to a new level - soooo much colour! I also managed to try a recipe I had torn out from the paper within a week of doing so - not 5 years later!

Overall I was really pleased with my efforts this week, mainly because I was creative about how I used leftovers.

Other things about what I cooked this week that were significant for me were:

  • used fresh, whole pomegrantes for the first time (so pretty, delicious and good for you.) I should definitely have watched the video that Jamie Oliver has on how to get out the seeds - to the end. I made a HUGE mess!
  • fell in love with the website, recipes, writing and lifestyle of The Arthur Street Kitchen blog / website. 3 recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen's cookbook Community were featured in the Sunday Telegraph's Body + Soul liftout.  I had been carrying these around for weeks. When I finally got around to reading them in detail I found out that it was a feature done when Community was published.  I didn't ended up making any of the recipes as they were, but they were certainly the inspiration for all the warms salads during the week - and I think the source of my new found favourite food-base - chickpeas and roasted pumpkin roughly smashed together.
  • used up virtually all the Fetta that had been in the fridge for months, and was in danger of being ignored and expiring.  I know why it was still in the fridge - I don't mind it, but I'm not a huge fan.
  • however I didn't use all the kale. I really am a bit over it, especially the work in preparing it. Even though all I needed to do was wash it. I would definitely have made a couple of the meals look better and add another nutritional component, but ...

Other things I cooked this week

As I was roasting some vegetables and my freezer was getting very bare, I cooked some barley and lentils to have in there as 'filler' / staples and poached a couple of chicken breasts so I could have some shredded chicken in the freezer.

I also gave into a craving for cake and tried adapting a recipe for chocolate sponge cake into a cake for one person.

Unfortunately it was successful!  Too successful - it was very easy, very quick and the result was great - so much so I made chocolate sponge 3 times this week! VERY bad news for my waistline!

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