Snapshot of meals week starting 21 March 2016

A quick snapshot of last week's meals.  It will be a followed by a detailed description and step by step pictures for many of the meals.

In the meantime, use the comments section if you have questions about any of the meals, or want to get hold of a recipe.

There really isn't much to report this week.  I really only made 3 meals!  Yummy meals - but I got waylaid by Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs!

I also tried my hand at Hot Cross Buns. I do this most years, but am yet to make a batch I'm 100% happy with. I've got the mechanics of working with yeast, piping the crosses etc. under control - but still haven't hit on the spice and fruit mix that works for me.

The stats

No. serves vegetables - 15 | % of no. of serves recommended weekly 67% | No. different types of vegetables - 9

About this week

This week was Easter week - licence to eat chocolate, buns and all those yummy things.

I was very good at the beginning of the week, but as Easter got closer, it all began to fall apart. I say that, but I actually ate, well, I just ate a lot of the same thing! Batch cooking works for me, and if it's something I really like, I really can eat the same thing several days in a row - though I will always bolster it up with extra greens.

Four highlights of the week were:

1. Didn't throw out any vegetables from the previous week - worked out ways to use them all

2. Made dahl for the first time

I was soooo pleased with myself for not throwing any of the cauliflower out and making dahl. It was the first time I have made it, and I would definitely do it a again. A very good way of using up a variety of odds and ends of vegetables, no matter what state they are in.

3. 'Hacked' last week's week's Middle Eastern Lamb Pizza to make a very quick and easy dinner

What was great about this is that, because I had tried this recipe the week before, I could do a very simple hack of it, based on what ingredients I had to hand. Basically I was very hungry, wanted to eat quickly and wanted something substantial, so defrosting a packet of lamb mince seemed ideal.  So I threw in some of the spices and ingredients I used the previous week, made flatbread and it was dinner in less than 15 minutes.

The shape looks a bit odd, and the picture is not very flattering - because in the beginning I was trying to make long flatbread so I could use the mince in a wrap. However I realised this wasn't going to work, and needed to go for pizza style vs wrap style - hence the hybrid look!

3. Made my favourite batch meal and got back to having some ready-made meals on hand

I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of inventing something every night. I LOVE having some meals in the freezer for when I can't be bothered or can't think of what to do.  I hadn't done any batch cooking for ages so tried my 'Gwynneth chicken'. An amazingly comforting and nutritious meal that I am continuously perfecting. Which I will definitely write up.

I shouldn't admit it, but my biggest achievement for the week, as actually getting my groceries from the hallway where I dumped them, into the kitchen and actually cooked.  Though for a couple of days I was haunted by the whole chicken in my fridge and wondering whether I would actually get motivated in time to cook it!

Next Week

After the sugar rush of Easter and realising my 'batch' of meals had come to and end, Today (Saturday) I realised I can't avoid shopping any longer and that I am craving healthy, fresh food.

So I have made plans and bought ingredients to cook the recipes on the page below, that I tore out of the Sunday Telegraph's Body + Soul insert some time ago.  The meals, a couple of which feature roasted vegetables meet my desire for comfort food, but in a healthy manner and they are a type of salad I never make, so more to experiment with and stretch my imagination and expand my meal making repertoire.

This particular 'torn out' sheet had progressed from 'the shelf' where I keep all recipes and cook books' to 'the stack' which is a selection from 'the shelf' that particularly inspire for the moment, and I'll look through for a couple of months to 'the rack' - the recipe holder in my kitchen where I keep the 3 - 5 recipes I REALLY, REALLY want to make - none of which guarantees it will happen - and even on the rack the recipes can remain for months and months, until they are no longer seasonal, or have been superceded by something else that has caught my eye ... - anway, this particular has been on 'the rack' for ages, but I'd never really looked at it. I just loved the pictures.

On reading it, I found they were recipes taken from the Community cook book by Hetty McKinnon of Arthur Street Kitchen and the write-up was part of the promotion of the new cook book.  I have subsequently looked at the site - and defintey have a new love! EVERYTHING looks amazing! So check back next week to see how this goes.



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