15 minutes one pan salmon & vegetables -my no. 1 'go to' meal

Perfect summer meal - Salmon, steamed vegetables and greens

I know there are a multitude of variations of this meal on this blog - but it's  because a.) I cook it all the time and b.) I'm forever trying to find a better way to show how simple and easy it is.

Soooo simple - it's my go - to meal when I want healthy without thinking.

It's the meal I cook on a Sunday or Monday night, when I'm still full of good intentions and want to start the week off right.

Flavours, Sauces and Salad Dressings

There are a ton of variations on this meal. This is the super simple version. But bear with me - there are some easy ideas at the end for adding flavour and toppings and in future posts I will show the variations I use.


This meal actually started off as a dinner party recipe  - but through experimentation over time it has morphed into the simplest / quickest was to cook a really healthy meal with minimal washing up - my number one criteria for a good meal when you are cooking for yourself AND doing all the washing up yourself!


  1. Heat small amount of water in saucepan for steaming. (Little enough so it comes to the boil quickly, but enough that it will last for 15 minutes cooking time without burning the pan - a lesson I know all too well!)
  2. Use alfoil to make a little parcel for the Salmon. Squeeze over lemon juice if you have it.
  3. Place sweet potato & salmon in steamer & steam for 10 minutes
  4. Add carrots & beans (or whatever vegetables you choose) to steamer
  5. Steam for another 5 minutes or until the extra vegetables are cooked to how you like them.
  6. VOILA! - Serve and eat!!