This week I am trying combat the excesses of the holiday season and be relatively healthy. Saying that I have been obsessing about Nachos and this week saw a picture eroded all my will power!

Click on my Pinterest Board below to see the source of my inspiration and the original recipes and blog authors, or see the weekly menu plan below and leave a comment if you would like any of the shopping list and recipes adapted for one person sent to you.

Monday         Peach & Haloumi Salad, The Brown Paper Bag

Tuesday        Creamy Mushroom ZucchettiThe Brown Paper Bag

Wednesday   Carnita Burrito Bowl with Cilantro Lime RiceFit                                   Foodie Finds

Thursday     Salmon & Steamed VegetablesDinner Desperado

Friday          Cheesy Chicken Nacho StackGimme Some Oven

Saturday,      Lemony­, Garlic Chicken with Balsamic,                                                      Dinner Desperado

Sunday         Shrimp & Zucchini Tostada with Avocado,                                                 Martha Stewart

Tips, Hacks & Prepare Ahead

  • Sunday: If you want to adhere to the original recipe for the Carnitas and Nachos, slow cook the chicken on Sunday using the original recipe on Fit Foodies. My version is a quick weekday, pan based version. Good but different. I would recommend actually slow cooking a big batch of pork or chicken so that you have shredded meat in the freezer to use for several of the recipes that will appear over the next few weeks.
  • Wednesday: When preparing the corn, cilantro / coriander, red onion for the Carnitas, prep and keep them in a sandwich bag for use with the Nachos on Friday.
  • Thursday: When prepping the vegetables for the salmon, chop, wash and prep an equal portion for use with the Chicken on Friday Prep a 2nd portion of all vegetables for use on Saturday

Boosting the Number of Serves of Vegetables

  • Look at adding spinach, broccoli, frozen peas or asparagus to Friday and Saturday's meals to up the vegetable content.

Shopping List

The table below is designed to show where different produce or grocery items will be used across the week. This will allow you to adapt the shopping list if you make changes to the menu.

A big challenge of cooking for one person is that it is not so easy to use up ingredients in one recipe - e.g. a 440gm can of tomatoes is a great size for a recipe for four, but not so great for a recipe for one.

A big driver for creating Dinner Desperado is that it is easy to be put off cooking new recipes as you don't want to be stuck with half a can or coconut milk or cooking a huge portion just to use up the can of tomatoes, or putting a half a can of tomatoes into the waste bucket, yet again, because you can't think of what to do with it. 

A lot of thought is put into the menus to minimise waste and show how a single ingredient can be used across the week, or occasionally incorporated into the following week's menu plan.

Leave a comment below if you would like the actual shopping list and menu plan sent to you.

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