You don't need to read too much on this blog to know I am passionate about helping people who cook for one maximise the health and nutritional value of their meals.

Or that I try very hard to eat the recommended 5 serves of vegetables a day.

Despite this I've found it difficult to find a definitive source of what 5 serves of vegetables looks like. Indeed the descriptions I've found just confuse me! I end up with questions such as:

  • is half a cup of peas the same as half a cup of brussel sprouts'? For instance peas if fit nicely into a cup, but the brussel sprouts don't - am I being short changed on the amount of brussel sprouts I should be eating??
  • is what is defined as a 'small red pepper' in Sydney the same as in Perth or for that matter New York or Arizona?

Guidelines from different sources are roughly the same, but not exactly.

To simplify I've settled on what appears to be the most common guideline - 80 grams of uncooked vegetables.  

To help me (and hopefully you) - I am building up a library of what the recommended amount of raw vegetables looks like. 

I intend to add to this library over time, so leave a comment if there is a vegetable you are keen to have included sooner rather than later. 

What 80 grams of raw vegetables look like

Red Capsicum / Red Pepper


Zucchini (Courgette)