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3 habits to cultivate to ensure you can always prepare a basic, but healthy dinner for one

3 habits to cultivate to ensure you can always prepare a basic, but healthy dinner for one

If you only read one post on this blog please make it this one!  

A strong statement, but it's because what I did to make this meal represents the 3 basic habits that ensure I can always create a basic dinner for one.

The challenge of consistently cooking economical, healthy meals for one person

Despite having cooked for one for a long time and being a fairly competent cook I still struggle with consistently cooking a proper dinner for one each evening.

Some evenings it is no hassle to whip up a great tasting healthy dinner. Other nights it seems mission impossible. Not only don't I feel like cooking, I can't think of what to cook.

The 3 things habits that save me from having chocolate biscuits for dinner, or skipping dinner altogether on nights like this are below. If followed these habits let you come up with a meal that is basic, but nonetheless is better than takeaway or missing dinner and ticks the boxes of being:  

  • tasty
  • healthy & nutritious
  • quick
  • one pan
  • budget friendly
  • almost mess free


Meal prep magic


Three habits to adopt to always be able to come up with a basic dinner for one

The secrets revolve around doing some meal prep every month or couple of months and keeping a few basic ingredients on hand.

1. Always have canned Tuna or Salmon in the cupboard (Or if you don't eat seafood or tinned seafood - cooked frozen protein such as poached chicken)

  • I used to hate any form of canned fish, and still don't love it. But what I do love is having it as a cheap, easy  pantry staple that can be turned into a lot of ideas for dinner

2. Always have frozen peas in the freezer

  • The 'pop' of green that peas bring make everything look good and it is an easy way of adding an extra serve, or getting at least one serve of vegetables in your day

3. Always have frozen 'fillers' or carbs 'flat-packed' in the freezer

  • These are the 'fillers' that bulk out any meal. Examples are rice, pasta, barley, mashed potato, quinoa and cauliflower rice.
    • See my post on why you should never just cook rice for one meal
    • See this post on why I am passionate about 'flat-packing' freezer items and how to do it
    • *The Links above are still to come - leave a comment if you would like to be notified when they are updated.

It was  these 3  habits that made the meal featured at the top of this post and described below, so together so easy. to put together. 

If you follow these habits you will always have a base, that you can then add to with whatever foods or ingredients you happen to have to hand. In my case it was half a cob of corn that needed using up.  I'm still in a 'Turmeric phase' so I added 3/4 of a teaspoon of that for flavour. Then while the Tuna and corn were cooking I remembered I had pistacios in the cupboard - and immediately thought they would be great for colour and texture.  However, even without the pistacios I would still have had a good (well for a desperado dinner!) meal with the tuna, quinoa and frozen peas.


Why these habits increase the likelihood of eating a healthy meal vs takeaway

Good meals usually consist of some form of protein, vegetables and  quite often a carb-type element or what I call 'filler' such as rice or pasta.

If you need to cook the carb, it almost always means two pans, one to cook the rice / pasta / quinoa and the other for the protein and vegetables. So the secret is to always have pre-cooked carbs in the freezer.

Which is nowhere near as hard as you think.

This is because if, for example you are cooking rice for one meal - it takes exactly the same amount of time and effort to add a couple of cups and cook rice for several meals. All it means is that at the end, you need to wait for it to cool and then put it into freezer bags.  Yes it's a bit fiddly, but so worth the effort it because:

  • saves a lot of time and effort each evening
  • no need to wait for water to boil and the 10 - 15 minutes grains like rice take to cook means dinner gets on the table faster
  • one less pan to wash

How tonight's meal could have been made even healthier

To be honest I could have made this meal featured in this post even healthier by adding broccoli, which I had and spinach, which I didn't.

I looked at the broccoli -  but just couldn't be bothered with washing, chopping and cooking it!  (I was feeling VERY lazy!). But that is where having frozen peas is so great.  I allayed my guilt about not having any greens by simply throwing in frozen peas. No washing or chopping required!

PS: Don't be put off thinking this is only for those who eat quinoa and cauliflower rice!! It's equally applicable to pasta, rice or any other form of carb or what I call 'fillers'. Indeed I have a mix of these in my freezer.

Want more tip for cooking for one?

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