Dinner for one. Meals for week starting 12 February

'If you are on a good thing, stick to it!" This turned into the (unintentional) theme for dinner last week.

I loved Monday's meal so much I repeated it FOUR times!

I wanted to eat well and cut down calories (I'm still battling the after effects of over-indulging over Christmas / New Year) - but I didn't want to spend time cooking or thinking about what to make. My mantra for the week was simple, but nutritious.

Cooking for one - my menu plan for last week

Last week I tried a new form of menu planning. I call it 'Free from menu planning' and write about it here. 

So it took a little while to get into the spirt of eating well this year - but finally it happened!

Dinner for one:  What I actually cooked last week

This is how my week panned out.

  • Number of serves of vegetables: 23

  • 66 % of 'Weekly Quota' (assuming 5 serves of vegetables per day) 

Your turn

A few questions for you:

  1. Thoughts on smoked salmon: Have you cooked or made dinner with smoked salmon before? Do you have any suggestions I could incorporate into future meal plans?
  2. 'Vegetable Quotas': Do you think having evening meals account for 65% of your vegetable quota is sufficient, or should it be higher?  Are you confident that you would get the remaining 12 serves of vegetables at breakfast and lunch?
  3. Menu planning: What do you think of the 'free form' approach do menu planning? Do you menu plan? How often? And (final question!), what is your approach to menu planning?

Finally, if you have questions about how to cook any of the meals shown or the menu planning process - I would love to hear from you - just leave a comment below.