Dinners for one: Week starting 19 February


This week was all about spending as little time at the supermarket or in the kitchen as possible.  I was still on a mission to minimise carbs and eat healthily.  I was also trying to be budget very budget conscious - hence using up ingredients in my fridge vs buying too much more. Though somehow I managed to justify buying smoked salmon and avocado - obviously back to the drawing board on trying to be budget conscious!

This week menu plan used the  'Options-based' form of menu planning again. 

See here if you want to see my actual menu plan for the week.

Dinner for one:  What I actually cooked last week

This is how my week panned out.

  • Number of serves of vegetables: 10

  • 28% of 'Weekly Quota' (assuming 5 serves of vegetables per day) 

Your turn

A few questions for you:

Number of serves of vegetables for the week. 

The number of serves of vegetables I ate this week was pretty low.  Would love to see your notes in the comments section if you have any thoughts on these questions:

  • How many serves of vegetables would you normally average?
  • Do you do anything special to keep up the number of serves of vegetables you eat?
  • Are you conscious of, or worry about the number of serves of vegetables you eat?

Finally, if you have questions about how to cook any of the meals shown or the menu planning process or would like any recipes, I would love to hear from you - just leave a comment below.