Dinner for one - Week of 26 February

Oh what a week!  If I wasn't so keen to have a consistent set of posts for the year I definitely wouldn't be publishing the 'What I made' blog for last week.  It started off with crumpets for dinner and didn't get much better!

But that is what cooking for one can be like. It's also why I'm so keen to develop a thriving community page. A place you can go to for that shot of motivation you sometimes need to keep on track. I mean I had a good menu plan in place, all the right ingredients in my fridge - yet still I opted for crumpets, not once - but twice!

Which is okay - but when my goal was healthy and to try and shed those New Year kgs, it didn't really help me progress!

See here if you want to see my actual menu plan for last week and the steps I walked through to create it.

Otherwise skip down and see what I did 'cook'.

Normally I post this in the hope that it provides inspiration for people cooking for one. This week, I'm not so sure!  Hopefully it will be a different form of motivation - e.g. why would you do that?! And spur you on to ensure your evening meal contains proteins and vegetables!

Dinner for one:  What I actually cooked last week

This is how my week panned out.


  • Number of serves of vegetables: 6

  • 17% of 'Weekly Quota' (assuming 5 serves of vegetables per day) 

Your turn

A few questions for you:

  • How do you keep yourself on track to cook healthy meals for one?
  • What do you eat when you can't be bothered or don't have any inspiration - is it crumpets or something else?
  • Do you make rice paper rolls? Do you have a favourite recipe? I definitely need something better than what I used!

Finally, if you have questions about how to cook any of the meals shown or the menu planning process or would like any recipes, I would love to hear from you - just leave a comment below. Though I am sure everyone knows how to push the 'down' button on the toaster!


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