Dinner for one: My menu plan for week starting 12 March

This week's menu plan is so simple it is barely a menu plan!

I'm out most nights of the week and won't be in until Thursday, so I won't shop until then and will rely on the ready made and prepped food in my fridge.

In the meantime, my fridge is very bare - the result of my ruthless clean up the previous week and being very conscientious about food waste and using up ingredients last week.

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Results of the 'Audit' - What I have to work with


  • 3 serves - salmon, mince & eggs

Fruit and vegetables: 

  • 4 serves - sweet potato & broccoli

Fillers and carbs: There is still a pretty good supply of fillers

  • 6 serves of pre-cooked and frozen  'fillers' - combination cauliflower rice, lentils, barley & pasta & lots of quinoa, rice & barley in the pantry

Pre-made meals: 

  • Cauliflower & turmeric soup, Lentil soup

STEP ONE:                 

Fridge & Pantry Audit

STEP TWO:             


Number of Meals Needed

Calendar: 3 meals at home, including two at the weekend so I will wait until Thursday to plan out the meals.

What's motivating my meal choices this week


  • continue to eat healthily
  • use up remaining meals

STEP THREE:           

Identify your 'Drivers'


STEP FOUR:               


Brainstorm meal ideas

  • This week I will leave this until Thursday and see what I feel like eating for the weekend.

STEP FIVE:                 

Make your Menu Plan

Nil. Will wait until Thursday.

STEP SIX:                     

This week I don't have time to do any pre-prep so I will be making the most of the pre-prep I did last week.

STEP SEVEN:                 

Recipes & Inspiration

Possible meals for using the lamb mince.


Questions and Comments

Please comment and question away!

Things I can help with include:

  • brainstorming ideas for your own menu plan based on what ingredients you have to hand
  • finding recipes to match the ingredients you have
  • working through any troublesome parts of the menu planning process
  • adapting 4 / 6 serve recipes to single serve recipes
  • instructions, list of ingredients or extra pictures showing how to cook any of the above dishes

And much, much more - ask away!

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