Dinner for one - week starting 12 March 2018

Well it seems last week I spoke too soon about getting back on track with healthy eating, menu planning and weekly grocery shopping!

There were definitely a few bumps on the track this week!

This is mainly because I was away last weekend (scroll to the bottom for photos of the Hawkesbury.  It was heavenly!)  and out most nights during the week and then somehow fell into the trap that always leads to my downfall, shopping for one meal at a time. e.g. when I went to the supermarket on Thursday I only  bought food for Thursday, not Friday lunch, and the Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinners I needed.

HOW / WHY did I do that to myself?! I can barely type this, as simultaneously I'm banging my head against my desk in frustration.

But onto the week at hand - below is my week in meals in pictures.   (See here for the original menu plan for this week.)

For more food planning-nerdism scroll down to see the running tallies of how I'm doing on my:

  • 5 Serves of Vegetables Challenge
  • Spending and Food Waste for One Challenge

Cooking for one - This week in pictures

Not only were there multiple (annoying) trips to the supermarket, it created many more opportunities to spend more money and over-indulge. And yes I did both!

Next week's resolution - ONE trip to the supermarket and make sure I always have something easy and healthy on hand for lunch or dinner by topping up my supply of batch cooked, ready to eat meals.

My week by the numbers

5 Serves of Vegetables Challenge

*For more on my weekly '5 Serves Challenge' read here (in progress)

What can I say - if this graph was the share market - everyone would be shouting 'sell'!

This week  there was barely a vegetable in sight!

I was out a lot - a couple of dinners with friends and a workshop. Plus I skipped lunch quite  bit. Pizza and cheese was served at the workshop and dinner with friends seemed to consist of share plates - so not much in the way of greens or crunchiness and this week - but a good reminder to myself of how important it is to focus and plan around this. 

For example I suspected that dinner at the workshop would be nibbles such as cheese and biscuits. The really smart move would have been to eat beforehand, or have something ready to eat when I arrived home. (Oh - and to harness the willpower to say no to pizza!)

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.45.49 AM.png

Spending and Food Waste for One Challenge

*For more on my weekly spending and food waste challenge read here (In progress)

Food tracker.png

New recipes tried


Tips for making this week's meals

I don't often use specific recipes for weeknight meals. Generally I'm guided by the types of textures and flavours I'm craving, how much time I have, or the level of effort I feel like making.

If you want to recreate any of this week's meals or would like ideas on how to pull together your own 'made up meal' the collages below show how some of the meals were made.

Pasta with mushrooms, proscuitto & goats cheese

Lamb with cumin and cranberry wrap

Pappadelle pasta with steak, pancetta and greens tossed through with goats cheese and topped with toasted pine nuts

Some pictures from my weekend on the Hawkesbury

Last weekend I spent a couple of days staying with friends at a house they had rented on the Hawkesbury River.

It was soooooo tranquil and just so beautiful that I have to share some pictures.

The pictures are especially for people who live in Sydney who have not been to the Hawkesbury lately.  I have not been up there for nearly 20 years, yet is just over an hour's drive from where I live in Sydney and it is sooooo beautiful. 



Your turn!

Help create a thriving community where cooks cooking for one, help each with tips and tricks, ideas and inspiration!

Things I'd love to hear about in the comments section and know your thoughts on this week.

  • Would you make any of these meals?
  • What do you do to make sure you eat sufficient amounts of vegetables when you are eating out a lot?
  • What's your favourite cheese or cream for adding to creamy pastas - e.g. cream, sour cream, goats cheese, fetta, blue cheese, cream cheese, thick cream, marscapone, creme fraiche ??

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