Flat bread recipe for one person

WOW - I am a total convert to making my own flat bread.

It's so much easier than you would ever think, takes little time when you are making it for one - and means you know exactly what is in your meal.

My motivation for making my own flat bread was two-fold:

I'm on a bit of a health kick (I know - Pizza / health kick ....) - so really wanted to know what was in my pizza

Home made flat bread used to make Middle Eastern pizza with lamb and cranberries for one


Because of said health kick, I didn't want to end up with extra pizza bases or flatbread that I would have to use elsewhere. (To be honest, I'm not a mad pizza fan and have never bought a pre-made pizza base anyway)

To look for a recipe I immediately googled 'Jamie Oliver flatbread recipe' .  I know Jamie Oliver is a big proponent of making things like pizza and bread from scratch and that he was likely to have a simple, well tested recipe - and he absolutely didn't disappoint. This recipe only has 3 ingredients, or 4 if you count the pinch of salt!

Below is the how I modified the ingredients to make a quantity more suitable for one person.  For my purposesI made just a little more than I needed for my pizza base. (I was making Middle Eastern pizza with lamb and cranberries) It did make a little more than I needed, so I made a mini flatbread which I snacked used to snack on the hummus that was part of the Middle Eastern pizza recipe.


  • In the instructions on Jamie Oliver's site, he talks about the dividing the dough into sixes.
  • For the purpose of making a pizza base for one person- I divided the dought into 2/3 and 1/3 and used the larger portion to make the base for my pizza.
  • Jamie also says to use a 'Griddle Pan' to cook the flatbread. I a.) don't really know what a griddle pan is and b.) don't have one, so I simply used a non-stick fry pan which worked.
Ingredients for flatbread for one

Ingredients for flatbread for one

Cooking the fflat bread in a frypan

Ingredients for making flatbread for one

80 grams or 5 level tablespoons self raising flour

80 grams or 1/2 cup plus 1 table spoon of natural yoghurt

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

pinch salt


See the original recipe on the Jamie Oliver site for simple steps to make the flatbread.