Menu Plan - week commencing 24 August 2015

This week's menu plan looks pretty light on, both in number and type of meals. This week I am out a lot, and also at a lot of events which will have lots of tempting food and big lunches, so I'm planning to have very light evening meals.

In terms of things I am taking into account:

Leftovers from last week: a red capsicum I have no idea what to do with....; broccoli and the orange from Sunday night's stew. (Noooooo idea what to do with that. Obvious answer is to eat it, but I'm really not keen on oranges.)

In season and on special: blood oranges and broad beans are in season at the moment - I love both, but just don't have the time to do anything special with them this week.  Cauliflower, broccolini and red capsicum are also in season and on special, so I would be trying a few different meals with cauliflower.

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