Menu Plan - Week starting 4 April 2016

Another menu plan - another attempt at getting a format that works!

About my approach to menu planning for one person

If you have been following the menu plans, you will see that the format seems to change from week to week.  This is because there is so much information to convey, and I'm still working out what is important and how to summarise it in a user friendly way.

So if you have any comments on the format, or the type of information you would like to see in the weekly menu plans, please let me know.

The elements I try to convey each week are:

  • The source or inspiration for the recipe / meal - this is usually a combination of recipes I've been looking at, flavours or textures I've been craving, what's in season and what's on special.
  • How it can be adapted to suit different tastes and what ingredients you have to hand, e.g. add / remove chilli; substitute chicken for fish
  • What steps to take at the beginning of the week, or each night to make it as fast and easy as possible to make each meal each night, e.g. if you have the oven on, use that opportunity to roast the vegetables for a meal needed later in the week; if chopping and preparing one type of vegetable, prepare it for all meals needed during the week
  • What items will be left over from each recipe, e.g. half cans of tomatoes or chick peas, half bunches of spinach, heads of cauliflower - and what meals they will be incorporated into during the remainder of the week, or if they are not used, ideas for how they could be used the following week.
  • Opportunities to add extra vegetables, e.g. what vegetables would be complementary

About this week's menu plan

This week sees a move away from warm salads and is somewhat of a mixed bag of light summery food and more comfort-food type meals.  I've incorporated a couple of meals I've wanted to cook for ages (Fish soup with saffron & Thai yellow fish curry) along with a tart and a risotto.  Both risotto and tarts are meals that are really versatile and can be adapted to what ingredients you have on hand.

This week I want to include them as recipes for one so that you have access to the 'basic formula' e.g. quantities and steps to make these very common family dishes for one person.  Having them as part of your repertoire of go-to recipes provides loads of flexibility for adapting these dishes to suit what ingredients you have on hand, or what flavours or textures you are craving.

160404 Menu Plan.jpg

Get the recipes and shopping list

Use the contact form below to get a full copy of the menu plan. This includes:

  • shopping list
  • source recipes adapted for one person and with some ingredients altered minimise leftovers and maximise the number of serves of vegetables eaten each week. 
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