This weeks' meals - week starting 31 August 2015

This week was kind of easy for cooking. I had friends from overseas in town from overseas, so I was out a lot.  (And that's true - it's not just me not wanting to post pictures of beans on toast!)

Tuesday also heralded the start of Spring - but no one told my taste buds! 

I was still in the mood for winter comfort food.  This was exacerbated by looking through a cookbook lent to me by a neighbour. It's kind of an old-style cook book with quite traditional recipes.  It is incredibly well presented and I found myself wanting to cook everything in it! 

The recipes really are geared to larger numbers and heartier cooking - so I was wishing for a few more months of winter and a large family to feed!  The chicken and corn soup comes from this book - and it was delicious and simple.

If you are interested the book is Mastering the Art of Poultry, Meat and Game (Classic to contemporary. A complete step-by-step guide). It is by Anneka Manning and after borrowing it from my neighbour I am definitely off to buy it.

This week saw myroasting tick continue - it takes longer for a meal to be made - but the preparation and washing up are oh so easy - and at the end of it you have a really heart warming, nutritious meal that took virtually no effort!

Monday | Salmon with roasted vegetables. As you have probably noticed, Salmon with vegetables really is my go-to meal for when I want something simple and healthy.  Roasting the vegetables was a way of satisfying me desire something 'wintry'.  If I had been sensible though, I would have roasted extra vegetables for Wednesday's soup.

Tuesday | WOW - where has this Chicken, Corn and Quinoa Soupbeen all my life!  For some reason it is tastier and simpler than other versions of chicken and corn soup I have made. Will make it a priority to write up this recipe. It is adapted from The Art of Poultry, Meat and Game by Anneka Manning.

Wednesday | This is the first time I've made Sweet Potato soup. For some reason it has never appealed. However because I had friends in town and was going out for the rest of the week, there was literally no food in the apartment to cook with - other than sweet potato and an onion.  Since I was also busy (trying to get this blog sorted) I thought the easiest thing to do was roast the sweet potato and onion, then combine them with hot chicken stock and blend to make soup-  it was a real eye opener - absolutely delicous and something I would definitely cook again.