This weeks meals - week starting 14 September 2015

What a week - I started off with so many good intentions....

Unfortunately those intentions didn't amount to muchand overall as far as cooking and eating went it was such a frustrating week. I had so many good things in the fridge to eat, and I really wanted to eat some yummy, hearty, healthy meals - i just had no desire to put in any effort to cooking anything!

All this was compounded by the fact that I had done a big shop when I was in my gung ho - 'this is going to be a healthy' week mode (the mode that lasted all the of about 4 hours!) - so I was stuck with a whole bunch of celery, a whole bag of carrots etc. 

Basically I really wanted to start eating better, be healthier etc.  - in general starting getting ready for summer and some of the SUP races I want to do - but I also knew may heart wasn't in it, and the lingering desire for winter comfort food and puddings hadn't left.

Picture below sums up how the week went wrong at the very beginning - the chocolate pudding for onethat I cooked on Monday night!

Chocolate self saucing pudding for one person


Monday | What an evening, I have a fridge full of vegetables that seemed such a bargain at the time, e.g. I couldn't walk past the whole bunch of celery for $1 - but now it's just sitting in my fridge, and I am worried I am going to be throwing it out at the end of the week.  So dinner ended up being very late tonight as it took me a long time to get motivated. (Plus I had to fit in cooking that self saucing pudding!) However, I couldn't bear the thought of throwing out a whole chicken, all the celery and carrots etc. So I stuck to my original plan and cooked the 'Gwynneth' Chicken.  This is not really a recipe for one - it's a casserole - but this week, I didn't have a lot of time to cook, so I wanted something in the fridge or freezer, that was healthy, but didn't require a lot of effort.

Tuesday | Gwynneth Chicken v2

Wednesday | Gwynneth Chicken v3 - but boosted with broccoli and spinach

Thursday | Unfortunately my laziness this week extended to not freezing the remaining chicken. I decided eating leftover chicken today, probably wasn't wise and unfortunately I had to throw out what remained (Ouch!).  SoI resorted to my one of my standby 'desperado dinners' - Tomato and Butter Bean 'casserole'.  A regular, but relatively boring meal. I did try to up the nutrient content by adding quinoa and spinach - but definitely a 'functional' meal.

Friday | Eggs on toast - not even I can think of anything to say about that.  Other than I added Avocado so that at least there was something green on my plate.

Saturday | Relieved from having to cook by going to a farewell for a friend. This was catered by another friend's friend so there was an abundance of gorgeous gluten free finger food- divine.

Sunday |  Still feeling lazy and unspired, but determined to set next week off on a better footing - I used my current favourite method for not doing much, but still eating well - and literally roasted EVERYTHiING!

This meant all I had to do was prepare the vegetables and put them all in the roasting tin. For the Salmon, I wrapped it in alfoil and put it into the same pan. The only thing that took any effort, was monitoring the timing, so that I could stagger the starting times for the different groups of vegetables, e.g. to make sure that I cooked the sweet potato longer than the brussel sprouts. 

So all in all I did end up eating pretty well for the week - a lot of healthy vegetables - it just seemed to take a lot of effort and the meals weren't that inspiring!