I don't know what to cook, it's just me, I can't be bothered, I'm not a good cook - sound familiar?

The idea of our community page is to provide a way of connecting with people who can help out when you're lacking lacking motivation or inspiration - a bit like, if you were cooking for others, someone would be there to ask 'what's for dinner' or look at you questioningly if you try to pass icecream off as 'dinner'.! (Something that's entirely possible when there is no one watching!)

For some the challenge is knowing what to cook, for others its how to make a recipe suitable for one meal or how to add variety. For others, me included it's simply the motivation and discipline to cook when there is no one to keep you in check.

By creating a community of people to reach out to when you need ideas or motivation - hopefully we might all cook a little bit better, a little more often - even even when it's 'just for me'.

Share tips, get advice, ask questions



Recipes for one - Facebook community
  • Shout out to others for inspiration - even share a picture of what you have on hand in your fridge or cupboard to see what meals others in the community would suggest. ALWAYs easier to suggest for others than yourself.
  • If you're good at meal planning, share your weekly plan to help others - or shout out to the community to help you stick to your meal plan
  • If you have run out of certain ingredients, ask for ideas on substitutes


Join one of our Blabs:

  • Weekly menu planning
  • Latest one pan wonders
  • New recipes for one - How to cook
  • Help! What can I make tonight?!

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  • Share pictures of food you would love to eat - ask others, or ask me if they have any good ideas of how to create it as a meal for one
  • Add photos of great meals you have cooked - it might help inspire others

Questions for the Community

Some of the questions you might want to ask on Facebook or Blab

How can I use the can of leftover chickpeas (or is it only me that regularly has that problem!)?

What's a good meal to cook with chicken (or beef or fish)?

How can I use up the rest of the broccoli in my fridge?

What vegetables are in season?

What can I add to my meal to try and reach a target of 5 - 7 serves of vegetables a day?

Is there any way to jazz up these leftovers so it doesn't feel like I am eating the same meal?

I'm thinking of trying batch cooking - what recipes would you suggest?

I'm trying to diet at the moment, what are good recipes for one person?

I'm trying to be healthier at the moment - can you help keep me on track with good suggestions for healthy recipes for one person?

I'm about to go shopping - could you help me brainstorm a meal plan for the week?

I love the look of this recipe - how do I modify it to be a recipe for one person?