How can the Cooking for One Community help me?

Get help with dinner

Put it out there! Join our Facebook group and solve your dinner dilemma  by sharing pictures of what's in your fridge or pantry and ask other Dinner Desperados what you could make?

Get help with a cooking problem

Let the group help with questions such as:

  • Any ideas for jazzing up these leftovers?

  • I'm about to go shopping - could you help me brainstorm a meal plan for the week?

  • I love the look of this recipe - how do I modify it to be a recipe for one person?

  • How can I use the can of leftover chickpeas? (or is it only me that regularly has that problem!)

Ask for a pat on the back!

Cooking for one means there is no one to share the joy or congratulate you if you've cooked a great meal, why not post it on the Community Page to get the positive feedback we all need once in a while.

Help us help you!

There are so many ways that we want to help people cooking for one regularly cook quick, healthy, economical. We would love you to be an active member of our community and help us prioritise what's most useful to get the best recipes, tools and resources to you sooner.

Have a say on our weekly menu plan

Want to see your favourite flavours and meals in each week's menu plan?  

Help me with the tough task of choosing what to include in week's plan! 

  • 'Vote' or leave a comment on ideas being considered for next week's menu plan

  • Jump to our Facebook group and share links to recipes or meals you would like to see included

Be a recipe tester

The downside of a creating recipes for one vs other food blogs is no recipe tester! So I'd love your help to get the instructions & flavours right for recipes on the blog. 

Help us understand your challenges

Help us understand the challenges cooking for one poses and how we can help by answering 10 simple questions on our cooking for one survey.