Do you ever find yourself saying:

It's just me, it's not worth it, I can't be bothered tonight, or, cooking for one is too hard?

Dinner Desperado was created to help overcome those challenges!

Because even if it's just you at the dinner table, your not just worth a healthy, tasty dinner - your wellbeing depends on it!

The idea of our community page is to provide a means to connect with people in the same situation - people who can help out when you're lacking ideas, can't find a recipe or don't know how to do something.

By creating a community of people to reach out to when you need inspiration or motivation - we might all cook a little bit better, a little more often.

Ways to be part of the Community

Get help with dinner

Put it out there! Solve your dinner dilemma  by sharing pictures of what's in your fridge on Facebook and ask other Dinner Desperados what they would make if faced with the same set of ingredients.

Types of questions you might ask:

  • I've run out of this ingredient - what can I use as a substitute?
  • What's a good meal to make to use up the broccoli in my fridge?
  • Any ideas for jazzing up these leftovers?
  • I'm about to go shopping - could you help me brainstorm a meal plan for the week?
  • I love the look of this recipe - how do I modify it to be a recipe for one person?
  • How can I use the can of leftover chickpeas (or is it only me that regularly has that problem!)?

Help choose weekly menus

Want to see your favourite flavours and meals in each week's menu plan?  Help us with the tough task of choosing what to eat each week.  Vote on photos of meals yet to be written up as recipes, or use Facebook to share links to recipes you would like to see in our meals plans.

Help us help you!

Help us understand the challenges cooking for one poses and how we can help. 

Be a recipe tester

The other thing about creating a cooking for one blog vs many other food blogs is there is only one of you - e.g. no recipe tester! So I'd love your help to get the instructions & flavours right for recipes on the blog.