The hardest part about starting this blog is choosing which meals to feature.  So help me out!

Look at the pictures and use the comments section or jump on to Facebook to vote for which meal you would like to see written up next.  If nothing 'takes your fancy' leave leave a suggestion, link to a recipe or post a pic on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.

Happy voting! I look forward to seeing whether your favourites are the same as mine!

NB: categories include: Warm salads | Fish pie | Soup | 80's flashback | Indulgent | One Pan | Healthy | Batch cooking | Weekly meal preparation


Soup is generally one of those things that you associate with making a big pot of. And that is what I generally do and love to make several big batches and freeze individual portions. However, depending on what you feel like eating, and what ingredients you have to hand - it's actually not alot of effort to make a single serve version and another good way of using leftovers.


This title is a little of a misnomer, as it tends to suggest that the other meals represented are not healthy. Yet, with the exception of the Indulge and 80's Flashback series, most of the meals represented here are made with a focus on making a healthy, well balanced, nutritious meal - you just have to see the amount of vegetables and spinach represented in the pictures.

'Healthy' was a better title than 'boring'!  The meals represented here, are pretty basic 'meat and 3 veg' types - or in most cases, steamed salmon and steamed 5 - 7 veg!  What may be of interest in some of them is that for some I just use the one pan, so there are ideas getting a healthy meal made quickly, and my most important criteria, little washing up.