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Cooking for one can be challenging. My hope in starting this blog is to create a community for sharing ideas and tips - a 'go to place' when you need that extra motivation.  click here to find out how to join in.

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Get what you like to eat featured in our recipes and meal plans. Choose from pictures of meals  I've cooked or share an idea for a recipe that you would like to see modified for one person. (Leave a comment or post a picture on our Community page.)


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Last week's meals

Week starting 14 September 2015

What a week - I started off with so many good intentions....

Unfortunately it was Monday when they went by the wayside - when I started cooking chocolate pudding instead of dinner! More


Week starting 7th September 2015

Eeek - so very hard to post this week's photos - icecream and wine for dinner....  Thank goodness for this blog is all I can say, it meant that this type of dinner was confined to just one night.  This week I also got the chance to try out a few more recipes from the Anneka Manning cook book - my current favourite and go-to place for inspiration. More


Week starting 31st August 2015

This week was kind of easy for cooking. I had friends from overseas in town from overseas, so I was out a lot. 

Tuesday also heralded the start of Spring - but no one told my taste buds! My obsession with roasting continued - it takes longer for a meal to cook - but the preparation and washing up are oh so easy - and at the end of it you have a really heart warming, nutritious meal that took virtually no effort! More

Week starting 23 August 2015

Another rogue week! Somehow I didn't go grocery shopping, so every meal was a bit of a desperado effort trying to make something out of not much. On top of that, my electrics fused, so I was cooking by lamplight - hence the very dark photos!

Week starting 17 August 2015

Last week's menu plan definitely went rogue!  Look out for when last week's meals are featured in upcoming recipes and blog posts.  Leave a comment on Facebook if there is any particular meal you would like to see featured.