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Cooking for one                      made easy


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"I don’t cook – it’s only me."  For so many reasons these words make me sad - and even a little bit mad!

It might be just you – but you’re still worth it!

But from variety to cost to motivation cooking for one is hard. The challenge is real!

This blog is about solving those challenges.

Having more than 5,000 dinners for one under my belt, I want to use my experience and passion for eating well, even when it's 'just me' to create a community that anyone cooking for one, can dip into for recipes, tips, ideas and inspiration.

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5 Serves a day challenge

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Our community

inspiration & motivation for the solo cook

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How often do you:

  • open the fridge and look blankly?
  • skip dinner, because you can't be bothered and there's no one to call you on it?
  • call cheese on toast 'dinner' ?
  • get excited about a meal, but opt for takeaway as it's too hard to re-size the recipe?
  • end up throwing out half cans of things, or vegetables wither in your fridge, because everything is sold in sizes too big for a recipe for one?

Join our community to help each other solve these problems.  Find out more here.

Stuck on what to eat for dinner tonight and just want to start?

Post a photo of your fridge contents to our Facebook group and ask 'what can I make with this?'