I have a massive sweet tooth and one thing I do find I do a lot less of than I would like is baking. There isn't always a group to foist your baked goods onto - and I just know, however good my intentions to freeze slices of a cake or baked good, I will either eat it all before it hits the freezer, or simply defrost it at a rapid rate. In nearby neighbourhoods I am also surrounded by a couple of the best bakeries in Sydney, and have become quite addicted to incredible baked goods - but they are very expensive, so last winter I spent waaaaay too much time experimenting with converting, e.g. a chocolate cake I covered, to a recipe suitable for one person.  It doesn't always convert to one serve, but usually two at the most. Anyway, it's a habit I'm really trying not to cultivate, especially as self saucing chocolate pudding for one is dangerously easy and quick to prepare!

80s Throwback

For me, one of the downsides of cooking for one, is that there is no one to reign in your extravagances, no one to feel embarrassed about putting CREAM in dishes or cooking like it was 1984!

Every now and again, I can't help myself but give into my inner 80s self - the time of rich sauces, cream, steak dianne and canapes that consisted of pinapple pieces with ham! I can tell it's 80s throw back time, when I start hankering after beef stroganoff, or my hand doesn't pull back before reaching for the cream at the supermarket and finally the Marsala comes out of the back of the cupboard.

I'm even partial the odd MORNAY (yegads - am I really admitting that on the web!) and a whole lot of other 80s food that is no friend of my waistline, cholersterol levels or blood pressure.  Fortunately most time I exert control over my 80s affectation (witness the new spiralizer), but just in case you, like me get the odd hankering for something rich and decadent, I thought I would include them here.