On this page I share menu plans for one person.

My plan is to share menu plans designed around:

  • providing a well balanced, healthy list of meals for the week
  • a minimum of 3 serves of vegetables in each meal
  • the smart use of ingredients so that you have variety in the meals you eat, but also use up most ingredients each week - e.g. your fridge is not piled high with half used tins and jars of things or fresh vegetables left to perish

What you will see below is a big array of types of menu plans - and many different ways of trying to present the information so that it is easy to use.

Menu planning is definitely the part of this blog that is the biggest work in progress! So if you have ideas on what format works best or what you would help you, please leave a comment below. Kelly

ps: If you want ideas on what to cook, take a look at the page of 'Meals I cooked this week'.