Weekly menu plans for one person with shopping lists and meal prep

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Menu plans! Loved by some, loathed by others and put in the 'too hard basket' by many.

There's also the 'love but lapsed' category! (i.e. me!) 

So whether your are new to menu planning and want to learn how to do it, or are looking for a kick-start to get back into good habits, I hope I can help.

Tips and guides on 'How to menu plan'?

If menu planning is in your too hard basket, skip over to my Resources page where I have a wealth of tips on menu planning for one. It includes 3 different approaches to menu planning - so hopefully you can find an approach that fits your lifestyle and personality. 

Weekly Facebook Live

I'd love to do a weekly Facebook Live to answer questions on each week's menu plan, or provide assistance if you are trying to do your own menu plan from scratch. >> Interested? Comment here to let me know.

Weekly Menu Plans for One

What's in each menu plan

Going forward each week's Menu Plan will include:

  • Recipes or links to recipes for 5 meals
  • Shopping list
  • Tips for meal prep
  • List showing what ingredients are used in what meal in case you want to modify your shopping list.

What type of foods does the menu plan contain?

Each menu plan is designed to minimise food waste whilst maximising healthy eating and variety. The focus is whole foods and making things from scratch. Already focussed on simplicity and speed each plan includes ideas for shortcuts  and suggestions for swaps or using pre-made or pre-mixed items. And of course being me, I'm always trying to maximise the number of serves of vegetables!

Where do the recipes come from?

The recipes comes from a different blogs and recipe sites I love. In each plan I include a list of ingredients modified for one person, and any notes on how the instructions have been modified plus a link to the full set of instructions. Hopefully, in the not too distant future I will have a full suite of my own recipes so all the notes are on one page!

When are the menu plans published?

Menu plans will be published on a Wednesday so you have time to prepare your shopping list for the week and factor in any meal prep to your diary.  


If you look through previous menu plans you will see a huge variety in formats. I'm still trying to work out what works best for you. If any elements or particular formats leap out as 'great' or 'not  helpful' - let me know in the comments section.  I'd love to to settle on one standard template!

Archives and previous formats

If  you have time, I'd love to know if any of the formats below appeal, or if there are any elements of a particular format you would like included in the final.