The hardest part about starting this blog is choosing which meals to feature.  So help me out!

Look at the pictures and use the comments section or jump on to Facebook to vote for which meal you would like to see written up nextIf nothing 'takes your fancy' leave leave a suggestion, link to a recipe or post a pic on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.

NB: categories include: Warm salads | Fish pie | Soup | 80's flashback | Indulgent | One Pan | Healthy | Batch cooking | Weekly meal preparation

Batch Cooking

If you have read other parts of this site- you will know that I deliberately didn't include much about batch cooking, i.e. cooking several meals and freezing them. I feel there are so many other sources of information on that and secondly, it's kind of common sense, so people know to do that anyway. But like most common sense things, it's easy to forget, or not do, and as I do ocassionally batch cookand think that nothing is more exciting than a freezer full of home made meals, I thought I would include some ideas here, in case it is something anyone is interested in getting recipes for or finding out more.

Weekly Meal

Weekly meal preparation is something I don't do often enough, but cannot recommend more highly as, for me, the key to eating well every night. It means I do all the stuff that puts me off in the evening, e.g. washing and chopping vegetables etc. - all the prep work - in one go on a Saturday or a Sunday, that means cooking in the evening is being like a TV chef! Everything is washed, chopped and just ready to be made into a meal.  The pics below just show some ideas as well, try to give an indication of how easy cooking can be if you put the effort in at the beginning. For those who don't like to plan in advance what they will be eating, and decide based on what they feel like on the night - you could simply prep some of the known basics that are likely to go into any meal that you do.