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Thank you - I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am you have stopped by my blog! I'd love to be your go-to place for  being inspired, learning about and solving challenges related to cooking for one. 

So far you will find:

  • single serve recipes. You no longer having to be a maths genius to cook an evening meal!
  • weekly menu plans tailored for one person
  • tips & resources for tackling common cooking for one challenges

and the thing I'm most excited about

  • a community space for sharing ideas, solving common cooking problems, and most importantly, inspiring each other to start or maintain the habit of cooking healthy, nutritious, delicious meals, even when it's 'just me'

But first a couple of disclaimers ...

This blog  is a work in progress. I'm still working on formats, fixing links and typos etc.  So please bear with me! I"ve hit the publish button much sooner than I would have liked as I would LOVE your feedback - so I really do create the best possible resource for cooking for one.

I'd especially love to know about:

  • the types of recipes you would like to see featured
  • your biggest challenges cooking for one
  • whether menu plans should be 3, 5 or 7 days and what you would like them to include

Please leave a note in the comments section below if you have input for the questions above, or any other thoughts on what would make this blog useful to you.


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In the meantime, check out some of my favourite posts:

Quiche for one person

Way more than just a recipe, I love this post because it epitomises so much of what I'm trying to do with Dinner Desperado.  It shows how to tailor a common 'family food' dish for one person. It can be tailored to ingredients you like and because it can be tailored to what is available, it is a great dish for finishing up leftovers. 

The small piece of cooked chicken, the open carton of cream, the random bit of red onion in the picture of the ingredients is also indicative of what this blog is about - showing life, as in real life our ingredients don't magically appear measured and prepped in little glass bowls on our bench.  Instead, particularly when cooking for one they come in the form of leftovers, half used packets, cans and tubs of things, bits of slightly wilted vegetables etc.

A goal of this blog is to reflect the real life of cooking for one and helping the solo cook see leftovers, half used tubs, jars, cans etc. differently and to visualise how they could become a delicious, nutritious dinner.

Pantry Staple - One pan tuna with ginger, garlic, lemon and turmeric

I could rant about why you must read this post for ages - I think the dish is so yummy and post so informative! But I'll save you from my waffle and just say it's great to read because:

  • It's a nutritious, quick, easy, versatile one pan dish that can be made from pantry staples and is great to have in your weekly repertoire when it feels like you have 'no food' and don't know what to cook
  • It can be adapted to use chicken or salmon and whatever vegetables you have available
  • It can be 'changed up' by adding coconut milk or canned tomatoes

5 Ways with Pulled Pork

This post is a round up of meals created using pulled pork. I am a massive fan of batch cooking or meal prep.  (Though admittedly I do this, less frequently than I extoll the virtues!)

In the past I had always cooked large meals and split them into, and then froze individual portions. I year or so ago I stumbled on the idea of cooking and individually freezing portions of protein. (Think poached chicken breast, pulled pork, slow cooked lamb)  Doing this means you are free to 'create' a meal based on what you feel like that evening, but the 'heavy lifting of cooking the protein.

This post shows examples and lists ways that pulled pork can be used to make simple meals for one.

'Meals I cooked last week'

For those days when your mind is a blank, and you have no answer to the 'what can I make for dinner tonight?' - this can be a handy kick-starter.  The photographs aren't great and many of the images are very raw, but even for me, I often look at it and have an 'ah-ha' moment realising I already have the ingredients to hand, but had not been able to think of what to make with them.

Chicken Enchiladas for one

I LOVE chicken enchiladas 






Tuna recipe



What I ate when

Meals last year

Tip post

Chicken enchilada post

Some favourite recipes

Facebook community page

5 ways with pulled pork


Finally, if by chance you got this far I'd love to ask a favour.  If you are feeling super generous and 3 minutes to spare it would be incredibly helpful if you could complete this survey. 

It's a simple questionnaire on Survey Monkey. It's completely anonymous as my interest is in aggregate data, not individual responses. The purpose is to get a deeper and more accurate understanding of the challenges about cooking for one, so that I can better tailor content and resources to meet user needs.