With over 7, 325 dinners for one under my belt - I've developed more than a few tips! 

Added to that I've talked to and gotten tips from a huge number of solo cooks. Hopefully that means you will find anything you need help with right here. If not, I've probably thought about it, just not written about it yet!

If you can't find information that helps you, use this form to leave a note and I'll make it a priority.

In the meantime, jump to a section or scroll through to get help cooking for one.

Tips and How Tos: A growing list of tips, learnings and ideas on all aspects of cooking for one

Menu Planning: My passion area! Guides on 'how to menu plan' according to your lifestyle

Weekly Round Up of Kelly's Dinners for One: A diary of my life in meals - the good, the bad and the down right chocolate covered!  

Kelly's Weekly Fridge 'Audit' and Menu Plan: Intended to 'bring menu planning to life' each week I share how I go through the 7 steps of menu planning to create my own menu plan.  Different to the weekly menu plans for one that I post here, this is tailored to my individual tastes and what's going on in my week.

Tips and How Tos

Menu Planning for Beginners to Experts


Sometimes just seeing what others are doing sparks an idea of what to cook.

Weekly round up of Kelly's dinners for one

Unedited, real meals! Each week I do a round up of meals I've cooked and eaten during the week. It helps keep me on track (there are only so many times I can post cereal for dinner in a public forum!) - and might provide you with a few ideas.

Kelly's Weekly Fridge 'Audit' and Menu Plan