The hardest part about starting this blog is choosing which meals to feature - help me out! Take a look at the pictures and then join the discussion on the blog here to vote for which meal you want the recipe for.

Happy voting! I look forward to seeing whether your favourites are the same as mine!

Roast for one person

I am putting these pictures first as a reminder that cooking a roast dinner for one person is worth it, and can be really easy, not to mention a fantastic one pan meal. 

Admittedly it is hard to make a one serve roast, but there are cuts of meat you can buy that are quite small, so I often create a warm salad out of the leftover meat the next day.  Having the oven on, is also a great time to cook extra veggies or meat that can become part of lunch or dinner during the week.

Simple and healthy

This title is a little of a misnomer, as it tends to suggest that the other meals represented are not healthy. With a few exceptions, e.g the 80's Flashback meals, most of the meals here are made with a focus on health and nutrition.

But, 'Healthy' was a better title than 'boring'! 

The meals here, are pretty basic 'meat and 3 veg' types - or in most cases, steamed salmon and steamed 5 - 7 veg! In fact an alternative title could have been 101 takes on steamed salmon and vegetables! These are meals I make when I want to something nutritious, but don't want to spend any time in the kitchen, especially cleaning up!

Pies and Bakes for One

Fish pie for one was my discovery of 2014 - why had I not thought of this before!  Making a pie or bake for one, is actually really quite easy and efficient. One of those meals, where you put in the effort up front and the oven turns it into something magical!  There are so many pluses, I really can't believe I didn't think of this before.

Super versatile - you can make it as indulgent or as healthy as you wish and flavour-wise can go from a traditional salmon / leek / lemon base to moroccon spices or curry.  Pies are a great way of using the same vegetables you have been eating all week - but making them seem completely different.  Plus, as you can see, it's a great excuse to indulge in a crumbly / cheesy gratinee.

Soup for one person

Soup is generally one of those things that you associate with making a big pot of. And that is what I generally do and love to make several big batches and freeze individual portions. However, depending on what you feel like eating, and what ingredients you have to hand - it's actually not alot of effort to make a single serve version and another good way of using leftovers.


Pasta is something I used to eat a lot of, but a lot less so now. However, it can be a really easy way of making a quickmeal.  I use it as a go to meal when I can't be bothered thinking. It's also a great way of mixing in lots of green vegetables and using up leftovers. To make things even simpler, and to get everything cooked in one pan, fresh pasta is a fantastic option.  

Warm salads for one

This is my go to type of meal. Not really recipes, more 'collections' of ingredients, that can usually be cooked in one pan.



80s Throwback

in my heart of hearts there is nothing I love more than cream based sauces and rich indulgent sauces .....

For me, one of the downsides of cooking for one, is that there is no one to reign in your extravagances, no one to feel embarrassed about putting CREAM in dishes or cooking like it was 1984!

So as much as I try to laden my diet with the 'superfoods' and my weekly shopping list is all about kale, quinoa and the like, at times I can't help myself but give into my inner 80s self - the time of rich sauces, cream, steak dianne and canapes that consisted of pinapple pieces with ham! I can tell it's 80s throw back time, when I start hankering after beef stroganoff, or the Marsala comes out of the back of the cupboard.

I'm even partial the odd MORNAY (yegads - am I really admitting that on the web!) and a whole lot of other 80s food that is no friend of my waistline.  Fortunately most time I exert control over my 80s affectation (witness the new spiralizer), but just in case you, like me get the odd hankering for something rich and decadent, I thought I would include them here.


Batch Cooking

If you have read other parts of this site- you will know that I deliberately didn't include much about batch cooking, i.e. cooking several meals and freezing them. I feel there are so many other sources of information on that and secondly, it's kind of common sense, so people know to do that anyway. But like most common sense things, it's easy to forget, or not do, and as I do ocassionally batch cookand think that nothing is more exciting than a freezer full of home made meals, I thought I would include some ideas here, in case it is something anyone is interested in getting recipes for or finding out more.