The hardest part about starting this blog is choosing which meals to feature.  So help me out!

Look at the pictures and use the comments section or jump on to Facebook to vote for which meal you would like to see written up next.

If nothing 'takes your fancy' leave leave a suggestion, link to a recipe or post a pic on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.

Happy voting! I look forward to seeing whether your favourites are the same as mine!

NB: categories include: Warm salads | Fish pie | Soup | 80's flashback | Indulgent | One Pan | Healthy | Batch cooking | Weekly meal preparation

Warm Salads

This is my go to type of meal. Not really recipes, more 'collections' of ingredients, that can usually be cooked in one pan.


Fish pie for one was my discovery of 2014. Why had I not thought of this before. It's really quite easy, is a great way of using leftovers and a really good way of eating a lot of vegetables without really knowing it. Plus it is really versatile - you can make it as indulgent or as healthy as you wish and flavour-wise can go from a traditional salmon / leek / lemon base to moroccon spices or curry.


I am putting these pictures in as a reminder, that cooking roast for one can actually be a really easy meal to prepare, it doesn't require a lot of time in the kitchen and it is worth it! Admittedly it is hard to make a one serve roast, but there are cuts of meat you can buy that do for two meals, so I often create a warm salad out of the leftover meat the next day.  Looking at these pics though, does make me think they look a bit lonely and I am going to put more of an effort into finding an easy way to make gravy. Having the oven on, is also a great time to cook extra veggies or meat that can become part of lunch or dinner during the week.